SIGNATURE 6-Week Content Coaching Program

SIGNATURE 6-Week Content Coaching Program

You need to earn more without working more. You want to generate passive income and scale your business but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. 

My program is designed to give you the one thing you desire most: FREEDOM.  

  • Freedom from chasing customers
  • Freedom from income instability
  • Freedom from grinding 24/7
  • Freedom to choose who you work with 
  • Freedom to work less without earning less
  • Freedom to transform your business into something truly fulfilling

My SIGNATURE Content Coaching Package is for established business owners who know what they want to achieve through content marketing - they just don't know exactly how to make it happen.  

This program is for you, if:  

  • You’ve grinded, hustled, and done the hard work to create something out of nothing
  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level
  • You’ve got a client base and a website
  • You have something valuable to share with your audience
  • You’re sick of chasing customers
  • You’d like to work less, without earning less 
  • You want an easy-to-implement program that will attract your ideal clients
  • You want to earn passive income so you can spend more time with your family or pursuing your own interests 
  • You want to earn money while you sleep and have your marketing on autopilot  
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In this 6-week exclusive content coaching and training program, it’s you and me, one on one, prioritizing your biz. Each week, there will be lessons, worksheets, and 2 sessions.

What you get from me:  

  • Unlimited email and Facebook Messenger support during our 6-weeks together
  • Content Coaching & Guidance
  • Accountability & frequent check-ins
  • Full, customized support to meet your needs
  • Tech and program selection set-up assistance
  • 2 calls each week: Coaching + Accountability
  • Biweekly payment plans available 

The Curriculum  

WEEK 1: Who is your target customer, and what type of content do they want from you?  

Our first week together is all about your customers. We’re going to dig deep, and figure out who this person is as an individual. We do this so we can truly understand what type of content your target audience wants and needs from you. This week includes creating your Buyer’s Persona, developing your value statement, and learning to align your business with your ideal customer’s wants and needs.  

WEEK 2: How will we use your content to make your business money?  

It’s time to create your very own Content Marketing Strategy. We’re going to start with creating goals, and work backward to define actionable steps to achieve success. We’ll explore keywords for SEO, and develop an editorial and content calendar to meet your objectives. We’ll make decisions on things like email marketing, blogging, and social media channels.  


WEEK 3: First comes foundation, then comes technology  

This week is all about systems and processes. Now that we’ve gotten crystal clear on who your ideal client is, and have a solid strategy in place, it’s time to select which programs and platforms you want to use to turn this plan into reality. We’ll make these decisions together, and get everything set-up and ready to rock. By the end of this week, you will have everything in place to get to the best part of this entire process … content creation!  

WEEK 4: It’s time to let the creative juices flow  

Content creation time! We create a blog post, lead magnet, and either set-up or fine-tune your opt-in process. This is the biggest week, and you will finish it with a fully edited blog post, freebie offer, and automated sales funnel. Everything we create will be 100% aligned with giving your ideal client exactly what they want, and meeting your predefined goals and objectives.  

WEEK 5: Planning for long-term content creation success  

This week is all about outlining the steps and learning to brainstorm. You’ve got the foundation in place, but you need to know how to repeat it on your own moving forward. We’ll go through brainstorming, planning ahead, reusing content, and time management. We’ll make you a content schedule to ensure you keep the momentum going and have everything you need to continue pumping out your own content.  

WEEK 6: Getting your content in front of the right people  

Our last week together is about exposure. Now that you’ve got content to share, how are you going to ensure it lands in the laps of your target audience? This week includes a comprehensive lesson on list-building, and using Facebook groups to organically grow your network. We’ll end by tying everything together and ensuring you have every step of the process mapped out.  

The final result? You will be motivated & prepared to slay Content Marketing & truly transform your business. 

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Meet Alex

Alex Morrison, Content Marketing

I'm a Content Strategist & Coach. 

I'm passionate about helping other online, service-based entrepreneurs achieve success in their own businesses, through the strategic creation of content and systems that will create those inbound marketing channels we all dream of.

I am a true believer in the Work smarter, not harder approach and my goals is to help my clients achieve the same work-life balance.

This program is worth the investment because it works. 

Content Marketing isn’t rocket science, but it sure as hell isn’t easy to figure out. But when the content stars align, you achieve this beautiful state of balance. You’ll have consistent, steady income being generated from all the work you’ve put in. And the best part? The people you attract will be your ideal clients. You’ll be taking on projects that fulfil you, because your leads will be the people that you genuinely want to be working with.

After working through my content coaching program, you will possess the ability to ATTRACT your ideal clients to your business, through your own strategic content creation. 

You will be able to ditch the customer acquisition hamster wheel, and for the first time ever, be in a place where you have a consistent flow of qualified leads and prospects seeking you out.