Opt-in + Sales Funnel Package


Your Complete Opt-in & Sales Funnel Package

Let me guess ... you know you need a sales funnel, but the whole process seems overwhelming and basically just painful. 


Stressing about trying to set up your opt-in and sales funnel? 

Need something that's real, authentic, truly valuable & automated to build new relationships and land new clients on autopilot?  

I've got you covered.  

I will design, create, and set-up your entire opt-in and sales funnel, from start to finish.  

You will have the complete opt-in system to capture email addresses and send your audience down a relevant, tailored, and valuable get-to-know-you sequence. It will finish with a timely pitch of your choice, to automate your entire process.  

What's included?

  • 1:1 strategy session with me (we'll discuss your business, your goals, your brand, and your desires for your business so I can create a solid strategy for your opt-in and funnel)

  • Homework from me, both before and after the strategy session (to help in the strategy, copywriting and content creation process)

  • Landing page to capture leads and deliver your lead magnet (I can create this on your site, in your email service provider, or in any system that you're already using.  
  • Email service provider set-up if required (under your name, so you own it) through MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, or the provider of your choice

  •  Fully automated and perfected 6-email welcome and nurture series that ends with your pitch  

We take care of everything from start to finish.

This includes the strategy, technology, set-up, design, copywriting, messaging, and everything in between. 

You know you need a funnel, and today is the perfect day to finally take action, get help, and make this happen. 

"Alex is a super sharp strategist who gets how to grow businesses. Her help and insight with content marketing, sales funnels, and business strategy put the pieces in place for me to build my own business and leave my 9-5."

-Amy Hebdon, Co-Founder of Paid Search Magic

"Working with Alex of Malamax has far exceeded my expectations. I could not have found someone who truly cared more about my business than she. Hard-working, innovative, timely, precise, and extremely organized. There's no way I could have pulled off a launch without her. I am so grateful to have found her. Hire her for your current project or for ongoing support to grow and expand your business - you will not be disappointed!"

-Carmin Caterina, Founder of Lessons For My Daughters