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Go from drained & spinning to in control & thriving

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I teach VA's, Coaches, Consultants & service providers how to attract their ideal clients through content, relationship-build on auto-pilot, create passive revenue and offer virtual services. 

Why? So they can grow their business and earn money without having to work 24/7 or take projects they don't love just to survive. Because none of us became entrepreneurs to simply survive - we want to thrive. 

This coaching program is for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready for change. It's for people who want to target a specific type of customer through their content, learn to automate their relationship-building and systems, and take back control of both their business and life. 

Take Theresa for example, she's a Personal Stylist in Manhattan. She’s been in the biz for just 2 years and has a small but solid client base, many of whom low-balled her prices. She spends her weekends networking and her evenings doing administrative work. Her days are jam-packed with clients, traveling, and shopping trips. She should have it all, but she doesn’t. 

She’s overworked, exhausted, and burn-out. She is working all the time, but never getting ahead. She feels like she is stuck on a hamster wheel. She needs a system that brings in quality leads, pitches them, and is also envisioning offering a lower-cost virtual stylist package to decrease travel time and serve clients outside her community. 

She wants to attract a specific type of customer and develop her own brand, so she can create and offer programs that suit her vision. She wants to start building a list of contacts and relationship-building online. 

She has this vision but no idea how to get there. 

Does Theresa sound a lot like you? If she does, keep reading. 

My program will give you everything you need to escape this existence and get to a place where you can:  

  • attract your ideal clients with targeted content  
  • stop chasing clients and having dry spells  
  • relationship-build on auto-pilot once you’ve made a new contact  
  • authentically pitch when the time is right without seeming sales-y  
  • earn money without always trading your time  

You will be able to work fewer hours, attract people who are ready to buy, and develop new ways to earn money that take less or no actual time out of your day.  


Alex Morrison, Content Marketing

Meet Alex, your Content Strategist & Coach. 

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Right now, you feel stuck. Like there’s no way to keep your business moving forward unless you keep working 24/7. 

You can’t really afford to hire good help, and you have no idea how you could even delegate your work anyway. And, we both know the best content will come directly from you. 

You just need a system and strategy in place to help you take back the control.  

You miss your kids and your husband. Or, maybe it’s your dog and girlfriends. 

Whoever it is, I get it - because I was there too. 

When I finally booked myself solid in my marketing VA business, I thought I’d hit the jackpot. I felt so blessed to have finally “made it”. But the bliss was temporary. Because when you’re fully booked with 1:1 clients, the rest of the work needs to be done outside of business hours. That’s when the problems start. I didn’t want to work evenings and weekends anymore. I wanted, craved, and desperately needed balance. I needed to find a way to enjoy my business and my life. I had it all, but I was miserable.  

I wasn’t attracting my ideal clients. I was just taking any work that came my way, which turned out to be a total nightmare. I couldn't charge what I wanted or what I was worth. It wasn’t until I finally put my foot down and made some decisions on who I wanted to work with, and what types of programs I would offer, that things started to change for me.  

Once I started pumping out content that spoke to my ideal customer, I was able to attract people who were ready to buy, and fun to work with. I was able to relationship-build, nurture my leads, and pitch my services on auto-pilot after making that initial connection. I didn't have to work night and day to grow my business anymore, and that was worth more than anything to me. It took me 2 years to map out a system that worked, and that's exactly what you're going to get out of this group coaching program.  

I created my own system that allowed me to tame, grow and direct my service-based business into something I truly loved. This program will coach, teach, and guide you through transforming your business into exactly what you desire most. 

"Alex is a super sharp strategist who gets how to grow businesses. Her help and insight with content marketing, sales funnels, and business strategy put the pieces in place for me to build my own business and leave my 9-5."

-Amy Hebdon, Co-Founder of Paid Search Magic

8-Week Content, Systems & Strategy Group Coaching Program

This is a 8-week group coaching program. 

Each week, there will be a Facebook LIVE lesson with homework plus an accountability and question session in our private group. 

You’ll get lifetime access to the group and have all future and updated course content at your fingertips.  

Content & lessons will include:

  • How can I earn more without working more?
  • How can I start earning money without always trading my time?
  • How can I create virtual offerings to reach more people?
  • What type of content does my ideal client want and need from me?
  • How do I attract the right type of people with my content?
  • How can I postion myself as an expert and charge more?
  • How do you figure out who your ideal customer is?  
  • How do I decide what my goals are?
  • How do I create an action plan that will actually transform my business?
  • How do I create a Content Marketing Strategy?
  • How do I create a sales funnel?
  • How can I automate certain aspects of my business?
  • How can I turn my online audience into paying customers? 
  • How do I create a cohesive marketing strategy that will allow me to achieve my goals?
  • How do I create the foundation for long-term sustainability?


BONUS: each participant will get a free 60-minute strategy and mindset coaching session after the program completes.


Are you ready to transform yourself from drained & spinning to in control & thriving?